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Vumacam to partner with Well Connected Services

Vumacam and Well Connected Services are pleased to announce a collaborative partnership, as the entities look to provide the platform for public and private space CCTV monitoring to more industries.

Well Connected a Johannesburg based business development consultancy, focuses on strategically linking their network of clients to best-of-breed service providers. Michael Varney, joint Managing Director of Well Connected commented “We are thrilled to welcome Vumacam and their state of the art offering to our stable of suppliers. We have identified the opportunity to provide our clients with a cohesive platform to manage their on-the-ground assets through Vumacam’s intelligent responses to alerts and powerful analytical tools”.

Vumacam – a joint venture between Vumatel and Imfezeko Holdings – was born out of a need to solve the ever-increasing crime pandemic that South Africa has been dealing with for a number of years. The company sought to do so by making public space CCTV surveillance a truly effective tool to address crime, contribute to safer environments and bring neighbourhoods together. Connected networks help drive smarter, closer collaboration between communities, and independent security companies from different areas to secure the streets where South Africans live, work and play.

The success of Vumacam’s complex, highly successful public space infrastructure and software management platform contributed to the advancement of the platform which is also available to the private sector through a hybrid private space CCTV solution. It is the only private space CCTV solution that integrates their national public space camera alerts into a private estate or commercial control room providing advance notice of possible threats before they reach your property.

“Together with an impressive and diverse customer base, Well Connected’s approach to business development is well aligned to Vumacam’s aggressive market penetration strategy and we look forward to implementing the Vumacam platform across their range of clients” says Ricky Croock, Vumacam’s CEO.

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